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Sailing corporate events in Prague
Sailing corporate events in Prague

Corporate events in Prague on the Vltava river are a very popular and affordable way to get on the water with clients.

Sailing sessions or fun regattas are suitable for women and men, youths and also adults.

A wide range of boats includes sailboat and powerboats.

Corporate events around the Czech Republic
Corporate events around the Czech Republic

Forget the office in a minute on the water far away from the city. Try corporate events on boats on the Czech lakes.

Among the favourite waters are Machovo jezero, Lipno lake or Slapy lake. Of course the final choice of the sailing spot is up to you.

Corporate events in Greece
Corporate events in Greece

In cooperation with our Greek partner we even provide corporate events on the sea - in Greece.

Fun regattas or just some kind of family cruise. The most popular choices of our clients.

You can choose from the mainland marinas or sail around the Greek islands.


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