Sailing Cruise La Grace
[19. 12. 2014 10:30:05]
Sailing Cruise La Grace

Registered on a cruise with La Grace have 15 candidates. In detail, the news for more information on transport and the sailing program.

1) Term
7 to 14 March 2015

2) Transport
The cheapest and fastest route are also able to change at London (Gatwick). Well based on flights from EasyJet.

recommended way
Prague> London: March 6, 21:30 (1520 CZK)
London> Gibraltar: March 7, 7:55 (2052 CZK)
Alicante> London: March 14, 21:30 (1972 CZK)
London> Praha: March 15, 8:55 (1755 CZK)

Prices for flights are current to date, ie. 5 January 2015. Prices include fees, baggage 10 kg + 20 kg (board also handles luggage). Prices without checked luggage is approximately CZK 500 cheaper on each flight (ie. A total of 2,000 CZK cheaper way)

The ship will be anchored in the harbor near the airport.

3) What to bring

- Waterproof jacket, trousers
- Deck shoes (no special sailing shoes, boots withstand the ship)
- Sleeping bag + sheet
- Headlamp (suitable will destroy the night service)
- gloves

- Insurance + passport
- Other standard things (hygiene, etc.).

4) Program cruises
Cruise should allow us insight into the trading pattern on historic ships. The permanent crew includes a captain bootsmana, machinist and cook. It is therefore necessary to cooperate with all acts of cadets on board.

Cruise can run nonstop for several days, depending primarily on our agreement with the captain. It is also possible to land in the ports. Of course, with regard to the timetable, ie. We managed to sail to Alicante. The crew will be divided into several groups, which will be on board services day and night.

Upon arrival planned accommodation and buy food. Furthermore, performance boats. Departure is expected on Sunday, March 8 morning.

Restrictions for shipping:
wind stronger than 8 BS

5) Accommodation

The cabins for cadets (4 and 8 beds) or in the cabins of 3. If you would like more privacy, you can pay extra and have a separate cabin, eventually. with a partner. When occupied cabin two mA cadets from the price of CZK 3,000 higher / person. When occupied by three cadets price is the same as when sleeping in cabins for cadets.

Preference how you would like me to sleep, you can send email, or. we agree to the ship.

Photos of interior and cabins, visit the following link:

6) Board
Food prepared jointly with two cadets cook. Service in the kitchen alternates. The menu can be adapted for vegetarians.

7) Capacity
Now we registered a total of 15. On the boat is still spare capacity, so it can continue to log on.

8) Payment
Payment is divided into the following items:

Charter boats:
6.000 CZK / person
- Payment by invoice, YC CERE

The contribution of food and fuel:
€ 75 / person

- Payment by cash on board ships

7299 CZK / person / incl. board and checked baggage (luggage can be shared between 2 people, the price is at least somewhat reduced)
5.300 CZK / person / only cabin baggage
- Purchase and payment of tickets is individual. It is thus possible to choose exactly those flights that suit your preferences.
- It is important to catch the arrival aboard the ship into the evening Saturday, March 7

I hope that the above information is understandable. If you have any questions to me, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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