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  • Znovu trénujeme! Znovu trénujeme! [14.04.2020]

    Po Velikonocích otevíráme brány klubu pro naše mládežníky a handicapované jachtaře. Pojedeme s určitými omezeními, ale hlavně že budeme na vodě!! #sportemkezdraví

  • Zimní příprava všech skupin do odvolání zrušena Zimní příprava všech skupin do odvolání zrušena [16.03.2020]

    Vzhledem k aktuální bezpečnostní situaci jsme nuceni až do odvolání přerušit probíhající zimní přípravu mládeže. O aktualitách budeme informovat. Přejeme PEVNÉ ZDRAVÍ! YC CERE

  • Letní tábory v Praze a na Nechranicích Letní tábory v Praze a na Nechranicích [27.01.2020]

    Milí rodiče a malí jachtaři! Už máme vypsané termíny oblíbených jachtařských příměstských táborů v Praze na Vltavě a termíny letních pobytových táborů na Nechranicích.

Marina YC Cere


Would you like to stay with your boat in the club right under the Vysehrad rock? Then here is the place for you and your beautifull boat! Being our member is not just having a chance to stay with your boat on the river at our unique place. We provide all the services around boating so you can just enjoy the feeling and advantages of owning the boat. Moorings are for boats from 5 to 8 metres lenght. During winter time you can use our storage facilities in Prague / Nechranice.

For the members there are other benefits like special reservations in the club restaurant Podolka, discounts for the sailing courses or possibility to stay in Marina DOCKIN.


Yachting School YC Cere

Yachting School

Just love sailing! This is what we forward and share with our sailors. No matter you are child, adult or disabled sailor - we are happy to show you, how to sail and steer a sailboat. Affordable trainings are organized in Prague, Nechranice lake or even at the sea. Training days run during the whole year, several training groups dependind on your age and sailing experiences. Join us, it is a pleasure to see you in our team! 


Regattas YC Cere


To meet new friends, to feel the atmosphere of the competition, to share skills with the others. This is what about are CERE regattas. We organize regattas for youths, adults and disabled sailors as well. For the less experienced sailors we recommend the Prague Course serial, where you can each Wednesday (April - September) from 5PM join other sailors and competitors right infront of the club. More competitive regattas are organized at Nechranice lake or you can join one othe matchrace / teamrace regattas in Prague which are also Czech Championships!



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